Disney Lion King

Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Frame 3/45 Tom Lange COA

Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Frame 3/45 Tom Lange COA
Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Frame 3/45 Tom Lange COA
Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Frame 3/45 Tom Lange COA
Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Frame 3/45 Tom Lange COA
Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Frame 3/45 Tom Lange COA
Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Frame 3/45 Tom Lange COA
Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Frame 3/45 Tom Lange COA
Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Frame 3/45 Tom Lange COA
Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Frame 3/45 Tom Lange COA
Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Frame 3/45 Tom Lange COA

Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Frame 3/45 Tom Lange COA    Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Frame 3/45 Tom Lange COA
Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Frame 3/45 Tom Lange COA. Celebrate the timeless magic of Disney's Lion King with this limited-edition picture frame watch. Created to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the beloved film, this collectible piece features a stunning picture frame design adorned with iconic Lion King artwork.

It comes with a unique watch display that showcases the watch face within the frame. With only 45 pieces ever produced, this watch is a rare find for any Disney enthusiast or collector. Display it proudly in your home or add it to your Disney memorabilia collection to relive the enchantment of the Lion King. Authentic Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Watch. Black Snakeskin band on watch.

18" x 15.5" inches. Kept as part of a private collection for many years in storage not displayed anywhere all these years. Please carefully review the photos as they are part of our description. We safely store items after taking photos, and the condition rarely changes thereafter. Buyers are encouraged to ask questions and request additional photos at any time. Buyers are always welcome to ask questions about an item and reach out with questions. This amazing and limited frame does have some minor cosmetic issues. While the watch has been kept in pristine condition never taken out of the frame. The frame does have minor cosmetic issues. The surface under the screen seems like it can be refitted to remove possible air bubbles.

The plastic screen has a part that can use a light cleaning. The wooden frame is in near perfect condition with minor chips and scuffs by the edges and corners of the frame. This piece does come with the original COA and is numbered 3/45. This is one of our single quantity listings so the exact item shown will be sent.

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Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Frame 3/45 Tom Lange COA    Disney Lion King 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Frame 3/45 Tom Lange COA